Day Spa Academy

Aesthetics Course Description

A-GT Global Skin and Body Care               (15 clock hours)

The students will look around the globe to find skin and body treatments that they can add to their bag of skin care tricks. The indigenous plants, natural springs, the earth and seas of many far off countries continue to be used medicinally. Studying other cultures and their beliefs in regards to natural healing expands each student’s world of skin and body care.

A-IPA Introduction to Paramedical Aesthetics               (20 Clock hours)

Aesthetics and an Aestheticians role in the medical field is the topic of this class. Advanced training available to graduates will be discussed as well as the benefits of paramedical aesthetic skin care. Advanced skin care techniques such as microdermabrasion treatments, miro-current applications and designer peels will be demonstrated and various medical skin care treatments discussed.

A-BPl Aesthetic-Business Practices l               (15 clock hours)

The focus of this course is on professional ethics for spa practitioners. Preparing students with the awareness and communication skills necessary to develop and maintain professional relationships with their clients and develop personal and professional boundaries. Students will discuss the various situations they may face as professionals and ethical dilemma's they may be presented with and how to effectively and confidently handle them.

A-BPll Aesthetic-Business Practices ll               (15 clock hours)

This course is continued from A-BPl and focuses on each student’s professional development. Setting and taking the steps necessary to reach individual goals is discussed. Developing resumes and creating a focus for their careers is covered as well. Building up and maintaining a clientele base and the important of product sales is presented in this class.

A-BPlll Aesthetic-Business Practices lll               (15 clock hours)

Business laws and ethics, types of business organizations, taxes and the fundamentals of bookkeeping will be discussed in this class. Advertising, networking and social media as well as other forms of marketing are presented to give students tools they can use as they start their careers.

A-BCH Basic Chemistry               (10 clock hours)

Basic chemistry principles are introduced in this class providing the students with an understanding of acidity and alkalinity and chemistry as it applies to skin care products and cosmetics.

A-CS Cosmetic Science               (20 clock hours)

This class is a continuation from Basic Chemistry and delivers a more in-depth understanding of pH as it applies to skin care. The study of ingredients in skin care and cosmetic preparations will be a focus as well as their ben-efits and possible negative effects, indications and contra-indications.

A-TPl Aesthetic -Theory and Practice l               (180 clock hours)

The students will learn how to perform a basic facial. Hygiene, proper draping, indications and contra-indications will be covered along with special attention to skin analysis, classification of skin types, exfoliation, facial masques and steam treatments. Various procedures for depilation will also be learned utilizing cold and hot waxes and threading with a focus on preparation, application, safety precautions and after-care, laying the foundation upon which the advanced classes will build.

A-TPll Aesthetic -Theory and Practice ll               (70 clock hours)

This class introduces electricity and its application as a skin care treatment. The students will learn how to inte-grate high frequency and galvanic currents into their facial routines. Advanced facial massage techniques as well as basic makeup application will also be covered in this class. Various body treatments including scrubs, wraps and soaks will be learned with the emphasis on creating an overall spa experience.

A-TPlll Aesthetic-Theory and Practice lll                (170 clock hours)

This class is a continuation from Aesthetics-Theory and Practice 1 & ll and will focus on the skin care treatments for skin conditions or disorders. Students learn how to assess and treat specific conditions through more ad-vanced techniques and specialized skin care products. Students will gain the confidence and knowledge to effec-tively treat clients in all settings. Corrective and special occasion makeup application is covered as well as various beauty and wellness modalities including aromatherapy, reflexology, the use of hot and cold stones and color therapy.

A-APl Aesthetic-Anatomy and Physiology l               (35 clock hours)

This course is the first of two Anatomy and Physiology courses building an essential educational foundation for the skin care specialist. Principles of human anatomy and physiology are presented, as well as an overview of all the body systems. An in-depth study of the Integumentary and Lymphatic Systems will be the primary focus of this class.

A-APll Aesthetic-Anatomy and Physiology of ll              (35 clock hours)

This course concentrates on the study of the structure and function of the Head, Face and Neck. The skeletal, muscular, circulatory and nervous systems will be covered along with their functions in regards these structures.

A-PD Pathogenic Dermatology                 (25 clock hours)

The focus of this class will be the study of pathology as it pertains to skin conditions. Students will learn to assess the skin and determine advanced treatments. The utilization of Dermatological or ancillary medical professionals for symptoms or conditions outside of an Aestheticians scope of practice will also be discussed. Primary and secondary lesions as well as many common skin diseases will be studied. A special emphasis on Acne Vulgaris and Rosacea, their causes and treatment options will give the students the confidence to treat these very common skin disorders.

A-SS Aesthetic-Safety and Sanitation               (10 clock hours)

This course discusses safety and hygiene for the spa prac-titioner. It provides an overview of the germ theory, how germs grow and spread, and the importance of proper disinfection and sanitization.

A-BCl Aesthetic-Bacteriology l               (10 clock hours)

This class is the first of two classes that continue from Safety and Sanitation. Bacteria growth and reproduction will be discussed in greater detail along with the preven-tion of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.

A-BCll Aesthetic-Bacteriology ll               (5 clock hours)

This class discusses the transmission and prevention of bacterial and viral infections with a special emphasis on Hepatitis and AIDS. Symptoms, risk groups and measures to control the spread of Hepatitis and AIDS will be covered.