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Information And Policies


Federal Regulations regulate the release of academic or attendance information. Students must request all information regarding academic or attendance in person from their instructor or the school office.


Students are expected to attend all class hours. If, because of extenuating circumstances, due to personal matters or illness, a student can not attend class it is their responsibility to make up all required class room work as specified by each individual instructor. Class attendance is recorded daily and the absences become part of the student’s academic record.

Excessive absenteeism may result in a failing grade for the student and the student may be required to repeat any failed course before progressing in the program. Excessive absenteeism is defined as attending less than 75% of the total scheduled clock hours for each class within the pro-gram.

A 75% attendance rate is as follows;

Total Course Hours    Min. Required Attendance (75%)
20 15
30 22.5
40 30
60 45

Academic Clock Hour

An academic clock hour consists of 50 minutes of instruction for every 60 minutes of class time.

Academic Year

Day Spa Academy’s academic year contains four quarters from the third Monday in June to the second Monday in June the following year.


Entering a class after the time it begins is considered a tardy and it will be recorded on the students attendance record as such. Departing a class before the scheduled end time will be reflected on the students attendance record as well.

Student/Faculty Ratio

The maximum class size for all academic programs at Day Spa Academy is limited to 9 students providing for individual instruction when needed. 

Make-Up Work

Make-up work is determined by the individual instructor of each class that was missed by the student. Make-up work must be completed by the end of the term to receive a grade for the make-up work completed. If a student fails a course due to excessive absences and needs to repeat that course before moving forward in the program, the student may incur additional charges for that make-up time.


Upon graduation, each graduate will receive two transcripts.

Leave of Absence

All circumstances requiring an extended absence from class will be considered a withdrawal from the program and re-funds are subject to guidelines established per our Cancellation and Refund Policy in compliance with WAC 490-105-130.


Records are retained by Day Spa Academy for a 50 year period of time as required by law.

Release of Records

In accordance with FERPA, the Academy will disclose information from the academic records of a student to authorized persons, provided the Academy has on file written consent of the student. Except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent, a student must submit a written consent for each third-party request for information. The institute discloses education records without a student’s prior written consent under the FERPA exception for disclosures to school officials with legitimate educational interests. The Academy may also disclose information to federal and/or state government officials, as well as to its accrediting agency, as allowed under FERPA.

Student File Access

Students seeking access to their records should submit a written request that identifies the record or records they wish to inspect. The request can be submitted to the Director of Education at which time a records inspection will be scheduled. Day Spa Academy may charge a reasonable fee for copies of student records.

Grading System

  • All courses will have graded assessment at the end of each term.
    If a student repeats a course, the highest grade received for the course will be calculated in the GPA.
  • All grades received, regardless of course repeats, will remain on record and be printed on the official transcript.
  • Required course work not completed for any reason, by the end of the term may result in an incomplete grade for the course.

Day Spa Academy follows the grading scale below:

Grade Percentage     Points
A  90-100% 4
B  80-89% 3
C 70-79% 2
D  60-69% 1
F 0-59% 0
W Withdraw 0
TC Transfer Credit 0
I Incomplete 0

Course Work   Percentage of Final Grade
Final Exam 40%
Quizzes 30%
Assignments 20%
Class Participation/Attitude 10 %

Graduation Requirements

  • Receive passing grades for all required coursework.
  • Achieve a minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • Certification in CPR, first aid and HIV training with documentation provided.

Academic Dismissal

A student who does not meet the minimum GPA or minimum hours required will be dismissed for unsatisfactory academic performance. Students will be notified in writing of their academic dismissal. Tuition Refunds are subject to our Cancellation and Refund Policy in compliance with WAC 490-105-130.


In cases where an agreement for reinstatement is established, the Director of Education has the right to establish conditions for the continued

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • The school must refund all money paid if the applicant is not accepted. This includes instances where a starting class is canceled by the school.
  • The school must refund all money paid if the applicant cancels within five business days (excluding Sundays and holidays) after the day the contract is signed or an initial payment is made, as long as the applicant has not begun training.
  • The school may retain an established registration fee equal to ten percent of the total tuition cost, or one hundred dollars, whichever is less, if the applicant cancels after the fifth business day after signing the applications and establish a student record system.
  • If training is terminated after the student enters classes, the school may retain the registration fee established under (3) of this subsection, plus a percentage of the total tuition as described in the following table:

If the student completes The school may keep this
this amount of training: percentage of the tuition cost:
One week or up to 10%, 10%
whichever is less
More than one week or 10% 25%
whichever is less but less than 25%
25% through 50% 50%
More than 50% 100%

  •  When calculating refunds, the official date of a student’s termination is the last day of recorded attendance:
    (a) When the school receives notice of the student’s intention to discontinue the training program; or,
    (b) When the student is terminated for violation of a published school policy which provides for termination; or,
    (c) When a student, without notice, fails to attend classes for thirty calendar days.
  • All refunds must be paid within thirty calendar days of the student’s official termination date.

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Day Spa Academy maintains an environment that is conducive to learning for all students and school policy compliance is mandatory at all times. Failure to comply with school policies may constitute grounds for dismissal.


In our effort to create a learning environment that is life enriching and conducive to personal and professional growth, Day Spa Academy strictly adheres to an anti-harassment/anti-hazing policy. Harassment of any type is strictly prohibited at Day Spa Academy. Hazing, bullying and sexual harassment will be grounds for immediate dismissal or termination of employment.

Electronic Devices

All electronic devices must be turned off prior to class beginning in order to avoid class disruption. Cell phones, and camera’s are not to be used in class. If for extenuating circumstances a student needs to have a cell phone in class, prior permission from the instructor is required.

Compensation for Spa Services

Practicing Spa Services, whether it be massage therapy, skin care or reflexology, for monetary gain prior to acquiring a WA State License is a violation of state law. Students are not covered by Day Spa Academy’s liability insurance for any spa service for which compensation has been received.

Drug and Alcohol Free Policy

Day Spa Academy maintains a drug and alcohol free policy. Possession or use of alcohol, illegal drugs or non-prescribed prescription drugs during any school related activity are grounds for dismissal.


Personal friendships, dating or sexual relationships between faculty or administrative staff and active student are strictly prohibited.

Class Cancellations

A class or school activity may be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, emergencies or illness. In case of class or school activity cancellation, every effort will be made to contact students regarding the cancellation. A make-up class will be scheduled prior to the end of term and all students will be notified in writing as to the date of the make-up class.

Smoking Policy

Day Spa Academy is a non-smoking facility. Smoking on school grounds is strictly prohibited.

Student Complaint

Day Spa Academy encourages open communication between it’s students, faculty members and school staff. If a concern arises, students are encouraged to address the faculty member or staff directly, in an attempt to resolve the concern. If the student is unable to address the issue directly with the faculty member or staff, or if resolution is unable to be reached, an appointment can be made with the director of education to discuss the matter.


Students are expected to conduct themselves with professional demeanor at all times. Day Spa Academy conducts classes that are conducive for learning and students are expected to follow the guidelines below:

  • Talking is limited to class topics with no side conversations.
  • All activity during class shall be directly related to class.
  • All electronic devices, including cell phones, must be turned off prior to the beginning of class. Any exceptions must be approved by the attending instructor.
  • Prepare properly for class with all necessary supplies ready before class begins.
  • Interact with students, instructors and clients in a courteous, cooperative manner.
  • Refrain from all conversation or contact of a sexual nature.

Dress Code

  • Appearance must be clean and neat.
  • Closed toed shoes during Student Clinic and all public outings.
  • Fingernails maintained clean and short.
  • Avoid the use of perfumes and colognes.
  • Wear school shirt during Student Clinic and all school outings.


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