Day Spa Academy

Course Outline


API   Anatomy and Physiology l                                            40 hours

KBl   Kinesiology and Biomechanics l                                    32 hours

BPI    Business Practices l                                                     12 hours

MT   Medical Terminology                                                   12 hours

PAI   Pathology l                                                                  20 hours

TPl   Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage l               60 hours

MS    Mechanics and Strokes                                                 8 hours

TMl   Therapeutic Modalities l                                              28 hours



APII  Anatomy and Physiology ll                                          36 hours

KBIl   Kinesiology and Biomechanics ll                                 28 hours

BPII   Business Practices ll                                                   16 hours

SSP   Sanitation and Safety Practices                                      8 hours

PAII  Pathology ll                                                                20 hours

TPIl   Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage ll             52 hours

TMIl  Therapeutic Modalities ll                                            48 hours



APIIl  Anatomy and Physiology lll                                        40 hours

KBIIl  Kinesiology and Biomechanics lll                                40 hours

BE     Business Ethics and Laws                                            8 hours

BPIII  Business Practice lll                                                   20 hours

PAIII  Pathology lll                                                              12 hours

TPIII  Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage lll           62 hours

TMIII  Therapeutic Modalities III                                         48 hours

FFM    Family and Friends                                                 100 hours